Another Summer Gone

After months of brutal heat and over 100 hours of rehearsal, we are wrapping up another fruitful summer rehearsal period. We have truly enjoyed our residency at the Chicago Cultural center  as part of the DanceBridge Program and are very thankful for the free space. We are also grateful for everyone that attended our in-progress showing this week, offering their feedback and support. Passing will premiere at Links Hall in Chicago December 7-9 and we are looking forward to taking our audience’s energy and words back into the studio. Please mark your calendars! Here are some photos by the talented Ryan Bourque.

Speaking of talented photographers, we’d like to thank Matthew Gregory Hollis for generously shooting our rehearsal process not once but TWICE this summer. Matthew’s eye and warm personality significantly contributed to our process and he’s just a generally great guy to have around. You can see our photos and many other beautiful dancing shots on his blog.

So on a rare rainy day in August, Kate and Emily head back to their respective homes in Madison and New York while the rest of us scatter back into our routines here in Chicago, well at least for a minute. We’ll be back at it in no time -- mark your calendars for our Chicago premiere of In Whole or in Part September 14-16 at the Fasseas White Box Theatre at the Drucker Center, Menomonee Club for Boys and Girls.